Degree ni Harambee

Many Kenyans know the phrase “Degree ni harambee” (A degree is a fundraiser).Translation: To pass in university you need ‘extra help’ during exams, other people prefer to describe it as team work. This is relatively true but in my case I would beg to differ. I say this because I have never had the chance to do so (not that I want to). Well you see in University of Nairobi, we have an exam center… this is the ‘team player’ hell. I remember the first time I did an exam there, cameras everywhere, security guards, chairs one meter apart and they were separated by metal rods so if you moved in front you had to move with a whole column… that security was so tight I thought I was in the American embassy. Whenever I tell people about the place they think I’m joking. Others say it’s not a surprise due the many and highly thought of mechanisms devised by students in my school to cheat in exams, but I usually tell myself that the student will always wins, there are skilled people out there.

Three years have gone by now and we lost one of our own, who tried to test if the cameras were working, the rest of us are still going strong and we are all proud of ourselves. Having passed our first two years the school awarded us with diplomas, this encouraged us to go further and here we are. I am glad that I did not need to use ‘help’ to get to where I am now. I can look back at my achievements and say “That’s all me” and I’m sure my colleagues would say the same. The exam center is now a mere formality to us these days and having finished my 5th semester successfully shows how much work and determination I have put in, not forgetting the support form my family, friends and most of all God.


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February 2012
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